Filtered air - Finally fresh air

The majority of pollen, soot and dust particles larger than 10 µm are reliably filtered out of the air already by a standard G4 class filter.


A fine filter of class F7 is even more effective. It also filters particles smaller than 10 µm. The filters can be replaced without difficulty. The frequency depends, among other things, on whether you live at a busy road or in the countryside.


One way of increasing the value of your property and generating higher rental receipts is by putting the emphasis on health restrictions of your tenants and prospective tenants. Nowadays, more and more people suffer from allergies due to pollen or fine dust exposure and therefore must, to a certain extent, accept considerable restrictions in their quality of life. Provide the luxury to finally breathe "constant fresh air" through closed windows and filters installed in the unit by installing a refresh fresh air system in your properties.

People affected by allergies have learned to appreciate this luxury and by now favour residential units equipped with a fresh air system in spite of the higher rent. Higher rents are compensated by the saving potential for the heating costs.

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