Is a water supply system absolutely required?

A water supply system is required since AeroFresh is a superheated evaporator which regulates user-independently and automatically. This means that the humidifier uses normal mains water to produce vapour.

The filling and elutriation of the water in the AeroFresh steam cylinder is a fully automatic process. In case of a humidification request water is automatically introduced into the steam cylinder up to the maximum filling level and heated. At temperatures of 57 degree Celsius (° C) and above – depending on the water hardness – calcium carbonate starts to drop out of the water. The calcium carbonate settles to the bottom of the steam cylinder and is discharged from the cylinder via a siphon (condensate drain) due to regular elutriation processes.

AeroFresh elutriates during continuous operation approximately every 20 minutes. After this process fresh water is automatically introduced into the cylinder.

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