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Air is our most important nutrient. We spend around 90 percent of our time in closed rooms. This is why, especially in living spaces, care should be taken to maintain a particularly good air quality.

Due to everyday activities like cooking, showering or simply breathing, CO2 and humidity are produced which must be removed, since poor air quality in living spaces causes malaise and lack of concentration. Humidity that is not continuously discharged outside causes mould and thus damages the building fabric if the worst comes to the worst.

Today, energy directives, such as the German Energy Savings Regulation (EnEV), prescribe a tight construction. As a consequence, ventilating the living spaces by opening windows does not suffice any more to supply the necessary fresh air and discharge the used air.

Therefore, the ideal solution for new buildings & refurbishment measures is to: always install a controlled room ventilation system!

Pluggit offers its customers an innovative and elaborate complete package for the room ventilation with heat recovery for new buildings as well as in connection with refurbishment measures. This guarantees a healthy room climate and prevents mould and building moisture at the same time.

There are many reasons for a Pluggit room ventilation system with heat recovery

1. Always fresh air
Healthy living starts with fresh air – this is particularly the case for one's own home. A Pluggit room ventilation system ensures the required minimum air exchange according to DIN 1946 part 6 independent of the user. Who can really widely open the windows every two hours – also at night - for ten minutes?
2. Healthy indoor climate
Used, humid and polluted air quickly causes fatigue and headache. A Pluggit room ventilation system guarantees a healthy and very pleasant indoor environment – even without disturbing noise and draught.
3. Relief for allergy sufferers
Almost one person in three shows allergic reactions to house dust, mites, pollen or other substances in the air. A Pluggit room ventilation system helps prevent allergies or reduce their symptoms.
4. Mould prevention
In a 4-person household, up to 15 litres of water are released into the indoor air, every day, which cannot escape due to today's more and more air-tight design. A Pluggit room ventilation system ensures the extraction of humid air and thus effectively and permanently prevents mould formation.
5. External interference prevention
Thanks to the Pluggit room ventilation system windows may remain closed. Noise is thus kept away from the home interior. The protection against burglars is another positive effect – since open or tilted windows do not provide easy access to the house.
6. Energy savings
The installation of an efficient Pluggit room ventilation system with heat recovery immediately guarantees a considerable reduction of heating costs. The heat exchanger in the ventilation unit uses more than 90% of the exhaust air heat to preheat the fresh air entering from outside.
7. CO2 reduction
A Pluggit room ventilation system helps reduce the fuel consumption thanks to the savings of heating costs and in addition climate-damaging CO2 emissions are reduced.
8. Property value retention and appreciation
A Pluggit room ventilation system is an investment for the future. It increases the value of a property in a lasting manner, not only because of the positive rating on the Energy Performance Certificate, but also because it prevents structural damages.

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