No chance for humidity and mould due to ventilation

Dry air in a heated room can quickly cause a cold. However, there is a risk of mould and spore growth if the air is too humid. From a medical-domestic point of view, the relative humidity of the indoor air should be of at least 30% and should not exceed 60% ; 40% to 50% is ideal.

At above 70% relative humidity, there already is a particular risk of mould formation and thus a danger to the building fabric! This humidity must be removed from the house by all means, since otherwise it will condense and, for example, settle as water on the wall or windows. Mould initially forms at these points, and then spores. This damage is accompanied by an increased risk of respiratory illnesses, asthma, allergies in general and mites and mould allergies. The building fabric is also affected by the resulting moisture damage. How can you prevent such a situation? By ensuring the controlled removal of humid and used air - at all times, even when you are not at home. The best protection for the inhabitants / tenants and the building fabric.

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