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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about room ventilation with heat recovery.


Show house dust, mites and pollen the red card.

A Pluggit room ventilation system helps in various ways to prevent allergies and accordingly relieve allergic symptoms. Special filters capture dust, pollen, soot particles, but also insects – an immediate relief for all allergy sufferers.


Saving energy & reducing costs at the same time.

Using a room ventilation system with heat recovery reduces heating costs among other things – because ventilating by opening windows becomes unnecessary. During the exchange of used air, the existing heat remains inside.


Reasonable investment, reduced energy consumption and sustainable economic management at the same time.

A room ventilation system is an investment in the future. A building quickly loses in value, when mould appears, for example. The building fabric suffers permanent damage and rehabilitation is very difficult and cost-intensive. The installation of a Pluggit room ventilation system also increases the value of the property in a lasting way, not only because of the positive rating on the Energy Performance Certificate.


Mould not only damages the building fabric, but also affects health.

A 4-person household produces up to 15 litres of water every day. Humidity develops as a result of cooking, bathing, arranged plants and most of all breathing and cannot escape from the living space due to the increasingly tight construction nowadays. A Pluggit room ventilation system ensures the constant extraction of humid air and thus efficiently prevents mould growth in a lasting manner.


Thanks to a room ventilation system with heat recovery your thermal heat doesn’t vanish into thin air any more.

A room ventilation system with heat recovery guarantees an outright noticeable decrease in heating costs. Since the heat exchanger integrated in the ventilation unit uses more than 90% of the exhaust air heat to pre-heat the incoming fresh air. In this way, the invested energy isn’t lost. It is simply supplied back to the living space.


Economic benefit right from the first day.

A room ventilation system not only significantly contributes to reducing CO2 and heating costs, but also features marginal energy consumption. Yet another positive effect is priceless – the improvement of the own quality of life!


CO2 reduction – more topical than ever.

Every combustion – in other words energy generation from fuels such as coal, oil or gas – produces CO2 which significantly adds to global warming. On the one hand, installing a room ventilation system saves heating costs which leads to lower oil consumption, for example, on the other hand, climate-damaging CO2 emissions, which are produced when heating a building, diminish.

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Oct 07 2013 New owner strengthens Pluggit!

Pluggit, the German specialist and technological leader for residential ventilation with heat recovery has experienced solid development in recent years, which has led to a significant increase in market share. Key success factors contributing to Pluggit’s market leadership position are its innovative strength and excellent access to the market. In order to further enhance growth and to ensure a winning position in the race for innovation, the shareholders of Pluggit entered, advised by Altium Capital AG, into a process to find a new but strategic partner.

Dec 14 2011 Refurbishment & room ventilation

The Pluggit room ventilation systems. With Pluggit refresh, you can install the entire fresh air system in an existing flat.