Cost effectiveness

A room ventilation system is an investment in the future. A building quickly loses in value, when mould appears, for example. The building fabric suffers permanent damage and rehabilitation is very difficult and cost-intensive. The installation of a Pluggit room ventilation system also increases the value of the property in a lasting way, not only because of the positive rating on the Energy Performance Certificate.

Saving heating costs by means of a specific example

The Energy Performance Certificate makes it possible. Since the last German Energy Savings Regulation came into force, it has become possible and even obligatory to assess existing flats in terms of energy, too. In the this way, flats have become comparable just like the fuel consumption of different motor vehicles is compared day by day and low consumption levels are regarded as a quality feature. Details

Saving heating costs by means of the room ventilation system

Today, newly built houses are equipped with very good heat insulation and airtight windows with heat absorbing glass by default. The heat losses have considerably reduced compared to former times, but the so-called “ventilation heat losses”, when windows are opened for ventilation purposes and the heat energy flows outside, continue to be at a high level. Details

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Oct 07 2013 New owner strengthens Pluggit!

Pluggit, the German specialist and technological leader for residential ventilation with heat recovery has experienced solid development in recent years, which has led to a significant increase in market share. Key success factors contributing to Pluggit’s market leadership position are its innovative strength and excellent access to the market. In order to further enhance growth and to ensure a winning position in the race for innovation, the shareholders of Pluggit entered, advised by Altium Capital AG, into a process to find a new but strategic partner.

Dec 14 2011 Refurbishment & room ventilation

The Pluggit room ventilation systems. With Pluggit refresh, you can install the entire fresh air system in an existing flat.