External wall hood IPCWH

airflow, which conducts from outside
External wall hood for system connection IPC.


The elegant refresh external wall hood of transparent, coated stainless steel is used for the simple intake of the outside air and for blowing out the outgoing air. As a combination outlet, it fulfils both functions of sucking in the outside air at the top and blowing out the outgoing air at the bottom, which means only one opening (core hole) is required in the external wall.

Demonstration air duct

To prevent a cross-over between the two air flows, an air deflector, which consistently pushes the outgoing air down, is positioned in the external wall hood.

Condensate accumulates when the outgoing air is discharged. The outlet plate is bent up 5 mm on both sides to divert this condensate and avoid outlet traces on the facade.

Due to the small size and the high-quality stainless steel material, the external wall hood perfectly blends into every facade.

Example of installation of IPCWH

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