Simple installation – many advantages

The new Pluggit Avent ventilation units with heat recovery are very easy to operate for the builder, for the specialised company all important elements are quickly and easily accessible without the use of many tools.

In order to simply the installation or retrofitting of the optional expansion components to the greatest possible extent PLUGGIT ensured the best possible accessibility of the inside and outside of the casing design.

Filter change

/fileserver/images/1310/015470079121445/GalleryDetail.png Filterwechsel The filter is situated below the film display. A LED indicates the necessary change.
/fileserver/images/1310/015472288341631/GalleryDetail.png Filterwechsel To change the filter, only open the cover – pull the filter, insert new filter, shut the cover – finished.

Right / left operation

In addition to the freely selectable positioning and connection of the ventilation unit to the air ducts, a right or left connection version can be chosen using a switch. Typically PLUGGIT!

Option ServoFlow

/fileserver/images/1310/015481859592349/GalleryDetail.png Option ServoFlow When put into service ServoFlow automatically calibrates the system and later corrects possible variations in volume flow itself.
/fileserver/images/1310/015482695603660/GalleryDetail.png Option ServoFlow The ServoFlow board is inserted in the provided gap in the casing, gaps have also already been cut for the connecting pipes – there is nothing more simple than that.

Option preheating register

The preheating register for preheating the outside air which can be simply integrated in the ventilator casing can also be retrofitted.

Option summer-bypass

Automatic summer bypass APSB
The optional, automatic summer-bypass can be easily positioned at the intended place through the open casing wall.


Additional features

Optionally there are further modularly mountable additional features available which make life with fresh air even more comfortable.

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