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New home becomes model facility

Manufacturers promise that their product will work perfectly. It is even more convincing when the director of Technical Services also commissions the installation of this system in his own home - and then also goes on to invite interested parties to come and appraise it as a specimen. As is the case with Alexander Schumm from Pluggit. For his new detached house, he placed value and trust specifically in the domestic ventilation system of his employer.

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The new family home is located in Ingolstadt. The Schumm family have lived in the 200 m² three storey building since August 2014. As Director of Technical Services, Schumm is well aware of the necessity of a controlled domestic ventilation system with heat recovery - especially in new builds: “Our last home was also a new build. However, it didn’t have a domestic ventilation system. Our windows were often steamed-up, especially after showering or cooking, and the air was stuffy and stale.” As the family was worried about long-term consequences, such as damp damage and mould, they decided to move to a new build with a domestic ventilation system, in order to guarantee a reliable air exchange.

Protection against dampness and mould thanks to reliable air exchange

In accordance with standard DIN 1946 Part 6, central, fan-supported domestic ventilation systems ensure that the minimum air exchange requirements within buildings are met. Following prior analysis and calculation, the required amount of air is simultaneously supplied and extracted from the individual rooms. In this way, manual window ventilation is rendered obsolete. Furthermore, thanks to the integrated heat recovery system colder air is warmed up by the warmer extracted air. Using this system, more than 60 percent of heat loss caused by ventilation can be avoided. Humidity can also be reliably extracted, which helps effectively to prevent mould and damp damage. The system can be expanded by an array of supplementary technical features; for example the PluggVoxx air-treatment system. The system removes aggressive pollen grains and dust particles from the air so that those with allergies can also breathe freely. Fine dust particles can also be caught with an additional electro-statically charged filter.

Flexible fresh air supply and extractor lines were called for

When installing the ventilation systems, a little creativity was required, as the owner reports: “The paths that we had envisaged for the fresh air supply and extractor lines were actually occupied by other components, so we had to come up with an alternative solution.” Fortunately, however, thanks to the flexibility and the variety of connection possibilities of air leads, alternative routing could be sorted quickly and without hassle.

PluggLine Design: Air outlets for a modern living atmosphere

The Schumm family decided in favour of the PluggLine Design floor air outlet option for aesthetic reasons. This way, the ventilation system could be discreetly integrated into the modern living atmosphere. The base dimensions of the air outlets have been adapted to correspond with conventional window facades: The base measurements of 850 mm x 140 mm x 900 mm are based on a conventional window width of 900 mm. The outlet opening for fresh air is spread across the length and width of the housing, in a gap running around the panel which measures approximately 5 mm wide. The flush PluggLine Design panel replicates the floor covering and is customisable.

Neighbours and friends already interested

Schumm doesn’t only want to enjoy his home, as he explains: “Our new home is in the middle of a newly constructed residential area. Our neighbours and friends have already come around to look at our domestic ventilation system and to ask how it works. I can well imagine that the domestic ventilation system of our home is going to become a bit of a template for other construction projects in the area.”

Fact sheet:

Address: Plunderweg 22, 85053 Ingolstadt
Type of house: New build detached house
Building standard: Low-energy house
Owner:Schumm family
Architect: Gruber Naturholzhaus GmbH, 92444 Rötz
Technical building services designer: Gruber Naturholzhaus GmbH, 92444 Rötz
Specialist heating, plumbing and ventilation company: Haustechnik Drexler GmbH & Co. KG, 92444 Rötz
Ventilation system: Central ventilation system with heat recovery, ventilation device type Pluggit AP 310 (WRG in accordance with the definitions of the German Institute for Building Technology (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik - DIBt): 85,4%; air flow volume up to 300 m³/h; Electro-efficiency: 0.25 Wh/m³); air distribution system in the insulation with flat channels type PluggFlex PK150 and PK200, Pluggit silencer SD150-P and central air distribution system EV; extra equipment: PluggLine, VOC-Sensor, Servoflow control, Preheating radiator


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