Students’ hall of residence in Regensburg

Room ventilation systems now also in students’ halls in Galgenbergstraße. Now, the latter found their way into a students’ hall of residence in the centre of Regensburg as a standard feature. The installation firm Zellner Anlagenbau installed 38 Pluggit room ventilation systems in the heart of the university town.

Students’ hall of residence in Regensburg

Project data

Type of buildingApartment house
Type of objectNew building
Number of apartments 38
Area of each apartment20m2 - 25m2
Year of Completion2012
Ventilation units AR100

Fresh air enters from the outside to the inside using an exterior wall outlet and used air is extracted in that way. The exterior ventilation grills are painted the same colour as the front so that they are almost invisible.

What is more, modern windows, soundproof windows in particular, like in the case of the hall of residence are completely airtight when closed. Therefore, a natural air exchange can’t take place; the used and humid air must however be extracted to the outside in order to avoid mould formation.

The Pluggit ventilation system which is linked to a silencer renders ventilation by opening windows unnecessary and constantly supplies the apartments with fresh and clean air using an exterior wall outlet and sound-absorbing conducts.

For lack of space, the compact solution for refurbishments “refresh” was directly installed above the kitchenette and furnished with an access panel instead of the Pluggit “befresh” system usually used in new buildings.

The supply and exhaust air ducts and the centrepiece, the ventilation unit Avent, are neatly concealed in the hall: an especially for the object developed encasement with access panel hides the ventilation unit installed directly above the kitchenette and the supply and exhaust ducts.

Students’ hall of residence in Regensburg

The fresh air is distributed via the “iQoanda air outlets” in each room. The outlets are designed in a way that allows for the supply air to evenly flow directly along the ceiling and to slowly spread in the room without causing any draughts.

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