Residential complex Il Giardino, Regensburg

The residential complex Il Giardino has been completed in January 2012. The city garden in the centre of Regensburg comprises 450 apartments and was newly built.

Il Giardino - Regensburg

Project data

Type of building : apartment building

Type of object : new building

Number of apartments : 450

Area per apartment : 60m2 - 200m2

Location : Regensburg

Completion : January 2012

Ventilation units : Avent P180

Features : Outside & outgoing air via dual grill

In the apartments the Pluggit ventilation system ensures a high living comfort. The system is installed directly onto the bare floor.

The fresh air outlets are situated in the floor construction; the exhaust air collectors in the bathroom, the kitchen or in the storage room.

Allergy sufferers in particular benefit from a ventilation system: pollen and fine dust are filtered directly out of the air in the ventilation unit and are thus simply prevented from entering the living space.

The central unit integrated with minimum space requirements

Feeding of the supply air via floor boxes

Air conduction via dual external wall grills

Humidity, which is caused by breathing or domestic activities such as washing, cooking or showering in the interior, is permanently extracted from the living space.

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