Saving energy – even twice

With the Pluggit humidifier AeroFresh, you save twice the energy: the supply air is heated by the produced steam.

The energy used for this is not lost – it is fed into the supply air and doesn’t need to be subsequently introduced into the room by additional heating areas or heat energy. As people perceive indoor air to be warmer at optimum air humidity, the heating can also be regulated at a lower level, thus producing a temperature saving of up to 2˚ C.

Saving energy – even twice


AeroFresh Plus – The humidifier

Top quality: high lifespan - The operation of AeroFresh is designed to be simple and clear.

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Ideal protection for people and material

Especially in the heating period, an air humidity of less than 30% can easily occur in living spaces.

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Things to know about AeroFresh and an optimum room climate

Too dry air not only causes damage to the building fabric (in wood construction) or damage to the fixtures, most of all it affects the well- ...

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