Cleaning with CleanSafe – The Pluggit concept

The CleanSafe cleaning concept has been developed by Pluggit and has been exactly tailored to the cleaning of the PluggFlex ventilation ducts. The CleanSafe principle guarantees a very low pollution potential of our distribution system due to smooth surfaces and a trouble-free cleaning concept, the convincing results of which have been confirmed by an independent testing institute.

Low pollution potential due to smooth surfaces.

Although the Pluggit PluggFlex ducts already have smooth surfaces which prevent dust deposits to a large extent, the Pluggit distribution system should nevertheless also be cleaned on a regular basis. Independent of the form, the material or the manufacturer, dust deposits at the inner surface of ventilation ducts are inevitable. Therefore, every ventilation system requires a hygienically effective cleaning concept.

Perfect results thanks to the precisely tailored cleaning concept.

The comprehensive cleaning concept CleanSafe complies with Pluggit’s holistic conception of systems. In addition to the extremely low pollution potential of the patented distribution system (smooth surfaces), CleanSafe guarantees a trouble-free, residue-free cleaning of the system and thus ensures perfect hygiene of the Pluggit convenience ventilation system. Within the supply air duct system cleaning is ensured by a compressed air nozzle in connection with a dust trap. The dust trap serves as a dust collector – in other words it is like a very powerful vacuum cleaner. Within the exhaust air duct system the dust trap works in connection with rotating natural hair brushes in order to prevent electrostatic charging. The easy accessibility of the Pluggit systems via the distributor or the supply air outlet facilitates the cleaning. Dust is prevented from entering the living space during the cleaning process due to a special system setting.

Pluggit set a good example and had the Pluggit cleaning concept CleanSafe tested and certified. Together with an officially recognised expert a Pluggit system was contaminated with dust in a controlled manner in connection with a test setup. This massive pollution was completely cleaned and without detectable dust residues. The expert’s test report and a certificate confirm the result – completely clean, without detectable dust residues.


Maintenance of the Pluggit systems ensures warranty

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