What are the advantages of a controlled room ventilation system?

There are good reasons to opt for a controlled room ventilation system with heat recovery just now – no matter whether in relation to a new building or for the purposes of refurbishments.

What benefits does a room ventilation system provide?

Always fresh air in living spaces – no more inconvenient ventilation by opening windows

Improved quality of life – a healthy, cosy room climate is guaranteed at day and night.

Relief for allergy sufferers– dust, pollen and mites are kept within bounds.

Prevention of mould– humid air is automatically discharged.

Heating energy savings– heat recovery due to the use of exhaust air heat.

Prevention of external disturbances– noise simply stays outside.

CO2 reduction – efficient use of energy and thus less CO2production.

Property value retention and appreciation– the living space is protected from mould and gets a positive rating on the Energy Performance Certificate.

Quick amortisation– most of all due to the reduction of heating costs

Subsidy opportunities- public subsidies are provided for the installation of a room ventilation system.

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