Will the air lines become soiled in the course of time?

The air lines will only become slightly soiled – the exhaust air is filtered at the inlet (kitchen, bathroom); the inflowing fresh air as well (in the heat recovery system or at the prefilter).

However, the air distributors and collectors should remain accessible for cleaning purposes.

If necessary, the exhaust air valve in the kitchen can be equipped with a prefilter. The condition of the lines should be checked once in a while (for example every 5 years). The cleaning is carried out mechanically by means of a brush on a flexible axle or by means of a compressed-air hose. The big bows whith Pluggit components (without shaped parts) allow for these cleaning devices to be conducted through the system over longer distances.

The cleanability of Pluggit ventilation ducts has been proved in accordance with the corresponding Swedish provisions (in Germany there are no regulations in relation this matter until now). There, it is also stipulated that residential buildings are to be cleaned every 9 years.

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